AMMO NYC car wash products review! In this video, I do a brand review of the car detailing products of AMMO NYC, a car detailing products company based in New York, USA. Larry Kosilla, the founder of the company, was a trader on Wall Street before quitting his job and deciding to pursue his biggest passion: car detailing. He founded AMMO NYC in 2011, a business of detailing cars and selling high quality car detailing products.

His motto is “Drive and Protect”. Larry wants you to drive and enjoy your car, and also to detail and protect it to maximize its beauty. As Larry often says, cleaning a car should be part of the joy of owning it and I fully agree with him!

In the video, I will talk about many of the AMMO NYC car wash products, explain what they are, what they do and more importantly how to use them. They are truly some of the best detailing products on the market today.


Foam paint cleanser. Provides a constant layer of lubrication between your wash mitt and the paint. The dirt is gently released from the paint and into the foam. It can be used as a pre-wash soap as well if added to a foam cannon. It will not strip waxes or sealants.

Hydrate paint moisturizer. Eliminates scratches that occur during the drying process. Apply two or three sprays of the product onto a dry microfiber towel and lightly wipe the paint in straight lines to pick up the water and leave a layer of protection behind.

Skin Defense Coat. Super durable polymer based coating, also known as a paint sealant. It adheres to the clear coat and you can layer it to increase shine and protection. Lasts up to 6 months. Apply it in straight lines, one panel at a time. After 1-3 minutes, buff off with a clean microfiber towel. Can also be applied to headlights, tail lights, chrome and rims.

Spit Emergency Shine. Quick detailer that removes light dust or dirt when you have no access to water. It safely encapsulates the dirt and leaves behind a clean and protected surface. Lightly spray on the affected panel and gently wipe with a clean microfiber towel. Lightly buff to a shine with a second microfiber towel. It’s a spray wax that offers a quick and safe way to perform on-the-fly touchups.


Brute Wheel Soap. Specifically designed for wheels only. It was engineered to be tough on break dust and road grime.

Plum Wheel Cleaner. It releases brake dust and iron particles that are embedded in the wheels. Rinse the wheel, then spray Plum on the wheel and let it dwell for 30 seconds before agitating with a wheel brush. As the wheel cleaner begins to work, it will change color from clear to plum. It will not damage paint. It’s a non-acidic oH neutral formula.

Mud tire gel. Tire dressing that contains oils that moisturize the rubber and protect it against UV rays. This product doesn’t produce tire sling. It offers a well-balanced shine, not too glossy and not matte either.


Lather Interior Cleanser. All-purpose cleaner for plastics and leather. Perfect for cleaning and restoring interiors. Simply spray on the surface, and gently agitate with an interior brush or microfiber towel and wipe away.

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