CARPRO Detailing Products : Brand Review (NEW 2019 products) !!

CarPro detailing products brand review. In this video, I present the lineup of CarPro detailing products, explain what they are, what they do and give you tips and tricks on how to use them. CarPro is a leader in detailing nanotechnology products from South Korea and they are well known for high quality detailing products, including ceramic coatings like CQuartz. CarPro covers all your detailing needs from cleaning, restoring, shining and protecting your vehicle’s interior and exterior. CarPro helps you prepare, protect and maintain your vehicle’s finish.

►Here are the links to all the products discussed in the video:

►USA buyers:
Reset car shampoo:
Reload spray sealant:
CQuartz UK 3.0 ceramic coating:
CQuartz (standard version):
Gliss top coating:
CQuartz leather and vinyl coating:
CQuartz DLUX plastic and wheel coating:
IronX iron remover:
Hydro2 Lite Wipe-Less silica spray:
Ech2o waterless wash:
Spotless water spot and mineral remover:
Perl plastic and rubber protectant:
Eraser oil & polish cleanser:
TarX tar and adhesive remover:
Fabric and leather coating:
Inside interior all-purpose cleaner:
TRIX iron & tar remover:
IronX Snow Soap:
Ceriglass glass polish:
FlyBy Forte glass coating kit:
Bug-Out insect remover:
Immolube clay lubricant:
Essence high gloss polish:
MultiX all purpose cleaner:
Skin coating for PPF & vinyl wraps:
Elixir quick detailer:
DHydrate drying towel:
Glass polishing pad:

►Canada buyers:
All CarPro products:
MultiX all purpose cleaner:
Skin coating for PPF & vinyl wraps:
Elixir quick detailer:

►UK buyers:

►France buyers:

►My CarPro brand review video:
►My SEMA experience video:

New products for 2019 unveiled at SEMA:

CarPro Elixir: Quick detailer that provides a fast layer of depth, gloss, and hydrophobic properties to a variety of surfaces. Leaves a smooth finish on the paint. Ads up to one month of protection. It’s a blend of Reload, Ech2o and Hydro2. It has a better bond to the surface compared to the DIY mix of Reload/Ech2o.

CarPro CQuartz Skin: ceramic coating developed for application to paint protection films (PPF), vinyl film, clear bra, as well as soft and hard plastic trim. It was designed with heavy UV blockers to extend the wrap’s lifespan. You can even use it on matte and satin wraps. It has great self cleaning properties for unbelievable water and dirt repellency. No need to maintain with CarPro Reload.

CarPro MultiX: All purpose cleaner in a concentrated formula capable of removing filth and soiling. Dilute 1:20 for general cleaning. You can use it on both interior and exterior surfaces as well as in engines bays, and more. You can also use it as a pre-wash cleanser on lightly soiled cars (dilute 1:20 for use with a foam cannon and pressure washer, or 1:100 in a spray-bottle).

For more information on CarPro products, visit their website:

►Full disclosure: I was not paid by CarPro to produce this video. However, they did send me the products for review. I made sure that the opinions expressed in my video are my own and the companies had no influence on my content.

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