ENGINE BAY DETAILING !! (ASMR) In this video, learn how to clean and detail your car’s engine bay so that it looks like new again! I have been detailing cars for over 20 years and I like sharing my passion, tips and tricks with my viewers!

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Wear gloves and eye protection.
Disconnect your battery leads. Reconnect them when the job is done.
Make sure all the caps and lids are properly sealed and that the engine oil dipstick isn’t loose.
If you have an older car (prior to 2007) make sure you cover any exposed with plastic bags or wrap them with aluminum foil: alternator, distributor, electrical components, exposed air filters, etc.
Always work in a garage or on a cloudy day, never under direct sunlight so that the products don’t dry up.
When you’re done detailing the engine bay, start the engine up and let the car run for a couple of minutes to dry any residual water that might still be in the engine bay.

Engine bay detailing steps:
Spray your favorite degreaser on the underside of the hood and let it dwell for a couple of minutes. Use brushes to clean the underside of the hood.
Rinse the engine bay to remove loose dirt and contaminants.
Spray your favorite degreaser in the engine bay and let it dwell for a couple of minutes.
Clean the engine bay with brushes.
Dry the engine bay using either microfiber drying towels or air dryers/leaf blowers. Make sure it’s completely dry.
Detail the engine bay by spraying a dressing to restore faded plastics and give it that brilliant shine and freshly detailed look.

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