How to apply CarPro GLISS : A New Hyper Slick Top Coat !!

How to apply CarPro GLISS, a new hyper slick top coat! CarPro Gliss is a hyper smooth hydrophobic ceramic nano coating. It will boost the gloss levels of your paint and give it that incredible feeling of a perfectly smooth and slick surface. Gliss is an easy to apply ceramic coating that acts as a top coat for all CQuartz coatings, or any ceramic coating. Essentially, CarPro GLISS is a lighter version of CQuartz coatings with much higher durability against chemicals.

CarPro GLISS has many key features. The great thing about CarPro Gliss is that it’s very visible when it’s ready to wipe off, making it ideal for the enthusiasts that want an easy entry point into the world of ceramic coatings. Easy on, easy off.

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CarPro GLISS adds thickness to your existing coating when used as a top coat. It enhances gloss and the life of any ceramic coating. It also enhances resistance to water spots and mineral stains. It has an extreme hydrophobic effect thanks to its industry leading sliding angle. It can serve as a stand-alone nano-coat paint protection, but is most commonly used as a top-coat enhancement system for your existing ceramic coating.

Durability is said to be around 12 months. Recommended working temperatures are between 50F to 90F (10 Celsius to 32 Celsius).

Application is simple:
1) Wait at least 4 hours after your last coat of CQuartz ceramic coating. (If you’re applying Gliss many months after CQuartz, make sure you wash the car with CarPro Reset, IronX and TarX if needed, rinse and dry, then wipe down the paint with CarPro Eraser.)
2) Apply Gliss evenly across the surface, in a cross-hatch pattern using the suede wrapped applicator.
3) GLISS will flash fast and when a white haze forms, immediately wipe off all residue using a quality microfiber towel.
4) Do not expose the paint to water for the first 24 hours. Avoid washing the car for 5-7 days after application.
5) You can apply a silica spray sealant (like CarPro Reload) as a sacrificial layer 12 hours after Gliss is applied. This step is optional.

You don’t need to throw away the microfiber towels used to buff off GLISS. Just wash them immediately after use with a strong detergent or APC.

One 30 mL bottle is enough to coat an entire car. You can even apply CarPro GLISS on top of paint protection film (PPF).

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