HOW TO CLEAN CAR FLOOR MATS !!! (Quick & easy!)

Tutorial on how to clean car floor mats! Quick and easy steps to get your car’s carpets looking nice and new again!

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In today’s episode, I will show you the professional method of cleaning and protecting your car’s floor mats. It’s super simple when you have the right methods and proper tools and products!

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►Here are some links to all the products discussed in the video so you guys can also clean your car floor mats quickly and easily:

Chemical Guys carpet and upholstery cleaner:

Mothers carpet & upholstery cleaner (alternative):

Chemical Guys cleaning brush:

Mothers carpet & upholstery brush (alternative):

Chemical Guys fabric protector:

303 fabric guard (alternative):

Microfiber towels:

Shop-Vac wet/dry vacuum:

Armor All wet/dry vacuum:

Enjoy the video!

►List of all the equipment I use to shoot my Youtube videos:

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