NEW AvalonKing SiO2 Boost Spray !!

NEW AvalonKing SiO2 Boost Spray !! In this video, I present the new AvalonKing SiO2 Boost Spray, a liquid ceramic coating spray, formulated to bond on top of existing ceramic coatings or used as a stand-alone paint protectant. It’s infused with 20% SiO2, improves hydrophobic properties, enhances shine, ads slickness, protects against UV exposure and is said to provide up to 6 months of protection! It’s as easy to apply as spray on, wipe off! Check out my demo!

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✅ AvalonKing SiO2 Boost Spray:

✅Here is the link to the AvalonKing Armor Shield IX:
Use the promo code PAN25 during checkout and receive $25 off each purchase of an Armor Shield IX ceramic coating kit!

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✅ AvalonKing Armor Shield IX application tutorial:
✅ AvalonKing Armor Shield IX 1 year update:
✅ AvalonKing Armor Shield IX chemical resistance test:
✅ My brother applies the AvalonKing Armor Shield IX coating on his own vehicle:

Full disclosure: This is a sponsored video. However, I made sure that the opinions expressed in my video are my own and the company had no influence on my content.

– The AvalonKing SiO2 Boost Spray has a claimed durability of up to 6 months.
– Avoid applying it in direct sunlight.
– It has a curing time of 24 hours. Don’t expose it to water during that time.
– It can only be applied to cool and dry surfaces. Don’t use it as a drying aid.
– You can apply it on most exterior surfaces: paintwork, glass, wheels, plastics and headlights. Not for interior use.
– It has UV protection.
– It can be used on top of existing ceramic coatings, or as a stand-alone paint protectant.

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