Q&A #3: I answer your car detailing questions + channel update! In this video, I answer my viewers’ frequently asked questions and I will give you an update about my channel and what cool things are to come on the Pan TheOrganizer YouTube channel!

►2018 detailing products awards: https://youtu.be/pa6nCetmoDs
►Rinseless wash tutorial: https://youtu.be/RP_BZ-jZBnY
►Waterless wash tutorial: https://youtu.be/8y-dB9Z0L-k
►Microfiber series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJOGQlXO_LX-cZxFLavsb3wvqtj4SezHl
►Car detailing equipment: https://youtu.be/yK-GL-9lIrk

►►These are the questions I will be answering in this video:
1) Can I apply a wax or a sealant on top of a ceramic coating?
2) Is a silica spray sealant really necessary after the final coat of a ceramic coating?
3) Why do I get water spotting issues after washing my car? Can I prevent them?
4) How can I remove water spots?
5) You always recommend to work in the shade or in a garage. Is it bad to work in direct sunlight?
6) What’s the best way to wash my microfiber towels?
7) Why do you throw away microfiber towels used to buff/level a coating?
8) Do I have to throw microfiber towels away after applying a silica spray sealant?
9) What are your favourite detailing products?
10) What tools and equipment do you use?
11) How many subscribers and views does your channel have?
12) How do you clean alcantara seats?
13) In dilutions, what do numbers mean?
14) When making dilutions, is it important to used demineralized water?
15) I can’t wash my car in the winter. What can I do?
16) What’s the difference between a wax, a paint sealant and a ceramic coating?
17) Did you attend SEMA? How was it?
18) I see some videos are sponsored. It’s nice to see you’re not sold to only one brand. How important are sponsored videos?
19) Have you done any collaborations with other Youtubers yet?
20) Do you have any other social media sites?
21) What cool things are coming on your channel?
22) Where did you get the name Pan TheOrganizer?
23) I see that you have other styles of videos. What else do you cover on your channel?
24) You seem to answer a lot of questions on YouTube. Do you do this every day?

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