ServFaces Ceramic Coatings Brand Review !

ServFaces coatings brand review! In this video, I review a range of detailing products from ServFaces. They are distributed in the USA by Mr-Shiny. Mr-Shiny is a distributor of high quality detailing products to make your car shine! They also offer full auto detailing services and will also eventually offer training classes at the Mr-Shiny Detailing Center where detailers will be certified.

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ServFaces has developed many coatings for interior and exterior surfaces. Today we’ll be focusing on their Ceramic Suave, a ceramic coating for automotive paint. It has all the characteristics of a high end coating, including:
– Self-cleaning properties: facilitates cleaning considerably
– Anti-stick effect: reduces the surface tension so dirt can hardly stick and is easier to remove
– UV protection
– Improved gloss
– Improved slickness
– Improved protection: the surface increases in hardness approximately 40-45% for better protection (7.6H hardness)
– Improved chemical resistance: resists corrosive and acidic chemicals from pH 3 to pH 12
– Extreme hydrophobic characteristics
– No carcinogenic additives
– Quick and easy to use

Ceramic Suave is a hybrid-SiO2-polymer hard coating that is designed to optimally and permanently protect painted surfaces.

To ensure proper preparation of the surface, make sure you wash and decontaminate the paint. If needed, proceed with the paint correction steps (compound, polish) to ensure the paint is flawless.

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Spray Surface Cleaner Ultima generously on the surface and allow it to dwell for a moment, then wipe off. This step will remove any polishing oils and polishing residue. Then spray Surface Cleaner Neutra, and wipe off. This will neutralise the surface and allow proper bonding/adhesion of the Ceramic Suave ceramic coating to the surface.

Apply Ceramic Suave in a cross-hash pattern to ensure proper coverage. Wait 30-45 seconds before buffing off the coating using a microfiber towel. This levels the coating and ensures there are no high spots.

One coat will give you a durability of approximately 18-24 months. For additional protection, you can apply more coats. Each additional coat will give you an additional 6 months of protection. After applying the first coat, wait 35 minutes and then you can apply a second coat for additional durability and to ensure proper coverage. Do not wait longer than 45 minutes to perform an additional coating application. Wait at least 12 hours of curing time after application before exposing the car to rain or water. Wait 8 days after application before washing the vehicle. A total of 3 coats is recommended for the ultimate protection.

►Here is my maintenance wash tutorial for ceramic coated cars:

The ServFaces compounds do not have any silicones or parrafines inside. If you are using the ServFaces polishing pads, keep in mind the hardest (most aggressive cutting power) is the yellow, the grey is medium and the blue is the softest. Use them with a dual action polisher.

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►Full disclosure: This video is sponsored by Mr-Shiny. However, I made sure that the opinions expressed in my video are my own and the company had no influence on my content.

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