Ultimate Pressure Washer Setup! PERFECTION

Ultimate Pressure Washer Setup! PERFECTION. A custom install wall mounted pressure washer solution from Obsessed Garage, as I was able to test it at the Destination OG in Helen, Georgia. Perfect indoor & outdoor car washing!

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Complete wall mount pressure washer solution: https://bit.ly/3D9B8yq
Kranzle 1322TS pressure washer: https://bit.ly/3Fw4xp8
Mosmatic gun and wand package: https://bit.ly/3sQxxAh
Stainless steel shelf: https://bit.ly/3szWT5B
CR Spotless water deionizer/filtration system: https://bit.ly/3SJ1DQQ
Mosmatic washer wand holder: https://bit.ly/3gSrJ6I
Coxreels hand crank hose reel: https://bit.ly/3W8MwTX
Obsessed Garage 100′ 3/8″ high pressure hose: https://bit.ly/3fahLgG
3/8″ high pressure jumper hose kit: https://bit.ly/3W6uWjn
Prevost piping and fittings: https://bit.ly/3sCEFk8
Prier P-114 Hose Bibb: https://bit.ly/3Wcmqzx
Stainless steel bucket filler: https://bit.ly/3TYeCzg
Complete bucket solution: https://bit.ly/3CFXOGj
Pressol sprayer bottles: https://bit.ly/3W6MprX

Tools, cabinets and flooring:

Milwaukee Power Tools: https://bit.ly/3DbOxpP
The Milwaukee Master Collection: https://bit.ly/3DE973t
Sonic tools: https://bit.ly/3NcnTl0
Sonic foam tool organizing inlays: https://bit.ly/3U4JeQl
Sonic MSS+ cabinets: https://bit.ly/3TSGcyu
Swisstrax flooring: https://bit.ly/3zm08RZ
Nussbaum lift: https://bit.ly/3DcHnBv
Dynaudio/NAD sound system setup: https://bit.ly/3zotFud
Air compressor: https://bit.ly/3DgGpnM
Air hoses and equipment: https://bit.ly/3TMTLiW
Cree linear LED lights: https://bit.ly/3WciT4f
Pro Lock extension cords: https://bit.ly/3Fj4IUV
Flex vacuum: https://bit.ly/3FnWavO
Orange bench vise: https://bit.ly/3Nco9R0

Click here to purchase all of your garage tools, cabinets, flooring, pressure washing, detailing, and storage solutions: https://bit.ly/2VU4rQ4

If you want to visit the Destination Obsessed Garage house in Helen (Georgia, USA), here’s how to book: https://bit.ly/3U0in7o

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