Waterless Car Wash Tutorial !!

Everything you need to know about a waterless car wash! In this video, you’ll get a step by step tutorial on how to use waterless car wash products. It’s very simple if you have the right technique and the proper tools. Essentially, a waterless car wash is a complete detailing product in a bottle! Clean, shine and protect your vehicle’s paint with one easy application!

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Why use a waterless car wash?
Many states and countries around the world are restricting water use. Using this type of product allows you to clean your car without using water.
Water might not be accessible for you to wash your car. For example if you live in an apartment building or in a house with no hose nearby. A waterless car wash solves this problem by allowing you to clean your car without using water.
Just as an eco-friendly alternative to save water and reduce your water bill.

How does a waterless car wash product work?
Once sprayed onto the surface, the product lifts and separates dirt from the surface, suspending it, allowing it to be wiped away using a quality microfiber cloth.

Does a waterless car wash product scratch the paint?
No. Thanks to lubricating agents and surfactants contained in the product, there is no danger of scratching the paint because of the lubricating agents and surfactants contained in the product, which reduce friction of the dirt, allowing the microfiber cloth to glide over the surface and pick up the dirt before it scratches the paint. Just follow the simple technique described in the video:
Make sure you work in a shaded area and that the surface is cool to the touch.
Spray the product generously on the surface.
Allow to dwell for a couple of seconds to allow the product to loosen the dirt and lift it off the surface.
Using a clean microfiber cloth, wipe the product in a straight line with very little pressure.
Flip the microfiber cloth on a dry side and buff off.

Can you use a waterless car wash on any surface? Yes. Waterless car wash products can be used to clean any exterior surface: paintwork, plastic trims, rubber, chrome, glass, etc.

Once the dirt is lifted off the surface, the waterless car wash shines and protects your paint using either all natural carnauba wax or a synthetic sealant (depending on which product you buy). You are able to clean, shine and protect your vehicle in minutes, all while being eco-friendly as this uses no water.

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