DETAIL FACTORY detailing brushes: the softest brushes! These brushes are specifically designed with car detailing in mind. All the Detail Factory brushes feature an ergonomically designed, metal-free handle so you can clean longer, safer and more comfortably than with other detailing brushes. They make two versions in different sizes: the Ultra-Soft synthetic brushes and Boar Hair brushes.

►Here are the links to purchase the DETAIL FACTORY brushes:

Ultra-soft detailing brush (small):
Ultra-soft detailing brush (large):
Ultra-soft synthetic detailing brush set:

Boar’s hair detailing brush (small):
Boar’s hair detailing brush (large):
Boar’s hair detailing brush set:

The Rag Company special edition brush set:


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Winners will be selected two weeks after the video goes live on YouTube. Winners will be announced on my social media: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Two winners will be selected. Each winner will get four brushes: two ultra-soft brushes (small and large) and two boar hair brushes (small and large).

The Detail Factory Ultra-Soft synthetic brushes are designed to be the softest detailing brushes on the market. They are designed for general purpose light duty cleaning of sensitive automotive surfaces. They are ideal for instrument and infotainment panel dusting and cleaning, as well as detailing around badges and emblems. They work well on any surface that does not require aggressive scrubbing action.

When you need more scrubbing action than the Ultra-Soft brushes, the Detail Factory Boar Hair brushes are the perfect option. These brushes are best for cleaning engine bays, brake calipers, exhaust tips, and any other surface of vehicle that needs heavier cleaning action. They’re also perfect for scrubbing textured interior plastics.

Key features for the Detail Factory brushes:
Ergonomically designed handle profile
Textured grip area
Balanced at grip area to minimize user fatigue
Chemical resistant handle
Metal free construction to prevent scratching

Note: The boar hair brushes are a little bit prone to shedding when new.  This will stop after they’ve been used a couple of times. The fibers also soften slightly when wet and as it ages, the hairs develop split-ends. This is normal for any boar hair brushes as these are natural fibers.

►For more details on the ultra-soft detailing brushes, visit the official Detail Factory website:

►Full disclosure: This is a sponsored video. However, I made sure that the opinions expressed in my video are my own and the company had no influence on my content.

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