Makers Clean Auto Kit : Premium Microfiber Cloths !!

Maker’s Clean Auto Kit microfiber cloths! In this video, I review the new Maker’s Clean Auto Kit microfiber cloths to help you get the job done while cleaning your car. Quality microfiber cleaning cloths are essential to any cleaning kit and are the best cleaning tools to get many jobs done quickly and correctly. The Maker’s Clean Auto Kit microfiber cleaning cloths are perfect for cleaning and detailing pretty much any surface on the interior and exterior of your vehicle!

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Each Maker’s Clean Auto Kit is comprised of a selection of:

General purpose cloth: 16”x16”, 300 gsm
Suggested uses: applying spray waxes/quick detailers, interior cleaning – dashboard, steering wheel, buttons, gear shift, leather seats & plastic components, buffing/levelling ceramic coatings, cleaning/polishing exhaust tips with metal polishes

Double-sided plush utility cloth: 16”x24”, 520 gsm
Suggested uses: polishing residue removal, buffing off waxes and sealants, dusting the interior surfaces, rinseless/waterless washes, drying wheels, picking up residual water from door jams and door sills

Glass & electronics cloth: 16”x16”, 280 gsm
Suggested uses: cleaning and polishing interior and exterior glass, mirrors (rearview & side mirrors) and infotainment/navigation screens

Microfibers are ultra thin fibers that are woven into cloths. Under a microscope, the fibers look like tiny hooks and they are great cleaning tools because they cling on to the smallest dirt particles thanks to their electrostatic energy which attracts dirt. They don’t leave streaks or lint behind, so they leave a perfect finish each time!

But not all microfiber cleaning cloths are created the same! One of my biggest passions is car detailing and I have over 22 years of experience in that field. I also love cleaning so it goes without saying that I own many microfiber cloths. Over the years, I have tested so many different types and brands that it’s easy for me to identify the good quality ones.

I have been using the Maker’s Clean Cleaning Cloths for years now to clean my house. So when I heard that they were releasing new Auto Kit towels, I just had to get my hands on them!

It’s obvious that the team at Maker’s Clean took great care in selecting their microfiber cloths. They are super plush, thick and absorbent, signs of high quality and well made microfibers. The Maker’s Cleaning Cloths are said to last up to 500 washes if cared for properly.

Here are my instructions to properly clean your microfiber cloths:

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