My trip to British Columbia and Alberta! Visiting Vancouver, Tofino and Banff! ✈️🌎🇨🇦

My trip to British Columbia and Alberta! 🇨🇦 Visiting Vancouver, Tofino and Banff! In this video, follow me for an unforgettable journey in Western Canada, more specifically to the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, where I went to visit some breathtaking places, mountain ranges, beaches and had some of my best meals ever in mouth watering restaurants!

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During my trip to British Columbia in September 2021, I visited the cities of Vancouver and Tofino, to explore the Pacific coast, beaches, mountain ranges and forests. We then drove to the city of Banff, in British Columbia, to enjoy amazing lakes and national parks like Lake Louise, Moraine Lake and Johnston Canyon.

This video can serve as a travel guide to you, if you plan on visiting the same places! 🙂

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