WiFi Hotspot LED Bulb !!! (de.Light review)

An unboxing and review of the XY Connect de.Light WiFi Hotspot LED bulb, the world’s first Wi-Fi hotspot LED light bulb. It’s an easy way to eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots or blind spots. It basically uses your home’s existing light circuits to transmit internet signals from your router to the bulb, thus creating a Wi-Fi hotspot where you connect the WiFi Hotspot LED bulb.

It costs 150$ and free shipping. The package includes one de.Light Wi-Fi LED bulb, one adapter, one ethernet cable and one replacement LED board. XY Connect is a company from Singapore and thanks to their innovation, the de.Light bulb allows you to fill every Wi-Fi dead zone with reliable Wi-Fi. You’ll turn any room into a Wi-Fi zone without the use of cables!

The bulb itself is a 6W equivalent LED that produces up to 500 Lumens of light.

It’s easy to setup and install: it’s plug and play! You connect the supplied de.Light adapter to your existing router. You screw in the de.Light light bulb in the room of your choice and you get to enjoy Wi-Fi! It’s that simple!

Many Wi-Fi blind spots exist in bedrooms, bathrooms, balconies, backyards, basements or isolated rooms that have no power outlets, but have lights. Turn those rooms into Wi-Fi zones by changing the light bulb for the de.Light LED light bulb! It produces a nice white glow and it’s LED meaning you’ll save on your electrical/utilities bill! Use the de.Light buld in ceiling, table or standing lamps.

The setup is neat and tidy. It’s a plug-free, cable-free installation that uses you house’s electrical circuits to transmit data, kind of like a powerline adapter. The bulb also uses its own network and secure SSID, separate from your current Wi-Fi SSID. It will find the best Wi-Fi channel using a special algorithm. The lighting is app-controlled. Use the mobile app to switch the light on or off and adjust its brightness. It also enables you to use de.Light Wi-Fi even when the light is off.

The package also comes with a replacement LED board, extending your bulb’s life span to many years. You can connect up to 16 bulbs with the supplied adapter. This is not “Li-Fi”. With the de.Light bulb, the Wi-Fi and illumination functions are completely independent.

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