Fireball Fusion Wax water beading test!! In this video, I show you the amazing water beading and water sheeting properties of Fusion Wax. It’s a super hydrophobic wax, meaning that it gives “water-fearing” properties to your car’s paint. When water flows on the protected surface, it forms droplets in spherical shapes, minimizing contact with the hydrophobic wax layer. The effect is awesome!

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Fireball collection:
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Fireball Iron Burn (Extra):
Fireball Tire Coating Wax (Satin Finish):
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Fireball Car Shampoo:
Fireball Hydrophobic Foam Shampoo:
Fireball Fusion Wax:
Fireball Ultimate Carnauba Wax:
Fireball Ultimate Coating Wax:
Fireball Premium Glass Cleaner:

Fireball is based in South Korea and are well known for their hydrophobic and silicon dioxide (SiO2) solutions, besides their usual range of high quality shampoos and premium waxes to suit your car’s interior and exterior needs.

I have been detailing cars for over 20 years and through the years, I get to test and review many car detailing products and I present the best ones to my audience, explain where and how they’re made and how to use them.

Fusion Wax comes in a 100 mL container and is considered a show wax with super hydrophobic water behaviour and paint surface protection. It’s made with Brazil T1 Carnauba and SiO2 (ceramic).

In order to get the maximum bonding and performance of the Fusion Wax to my car’s paint, I made sure to prep the paint following these steps:
Pre-wash with foam cannon and Fireball Active Snow Foam
Wash the paint using the 2-bucket safe wash method and Fireball Ultimate Car Shampoo
Chemical decontamination with Fireball Iron Burn and Fireball Ultimate Tar Remover
Physical decontamination with claybar and clay lubricant
The car didn’t need a compound, so I simply proceeded to the polishing stage using Meguiar’s M205 Ultra Finishing Polish, Meguiar’s Microfiber finishing discs, and my Flex 3401 DA polisher.
Final wipe down with CarPro Eraser IPA mix
Application of Fireball Fusion Wax in thin coats, in small sections, then buffed off after 10-15 minutes with a microfiber towel
Important: avoid contact with water and exposition to the sun for 24 hours

For more information on Fireball products, click the links below:

►Official Fireball distributor:

►Official Fireball website:

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