Tips & tricks on how to organize your garage, tools & hardware!

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Welcome to Pan The Organizer, a show where I help you organize different aspects of your life!

In today’s show, I’ll give you a tour of my dream garage and give you tips and tricks on how to better organize your space, your tools and your hardware.

I use my garage a lot, mainly for detailing cars, which is one of my passions. My walls are finished with a kitchen/bathroom paint to resist mold and mildew, I have a dehumidifier to control humidity levels, 48 feet of fluorescent lighting, lots of storage and a floor coating to protect the cement and make it look good!

You can use some of the ideas discussed in this video to help improve your own space and organize your garage! They are simple and don’t cost much.

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Here are some links to the products discussed in this video if you want to purchase them to organize your own garage, tools & hardware:


Pegboard hooks:

Base cabinet/workbench:

Storage cabinet:

Garage storage system organizer:

Wall-mounted mop and broom holder:

Eley wall-mount hose reel:

Eley premium polyurethane garden hose:

Karcher pressure washer:


Shop-Vac 5 gallon wet/dry vacuum:

3-step stool:

Sturdy shelves:

Garage floor coating:


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