How to clean hardwood floors, the easy way, with household products! Thanks to these tips and tricks, you’ll keep your floors nice and shiny! As a bonus, I review the Mopnado spin mop! The best spin mop on the market!

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Welcome to Pan TheOrganizer, where I help you improve different aspects of your life!

In today’s show, I give you my tips and tricks on how to properly clean your hardwood floors, or any type of floors (hardwood, engineered wood, tile, vinyl, floating wood, etc) and how to do it like a bawss! Or like a pro, which ever term your prefer! 🙂

It’s actually super simple and environmentally safe. All you’ll need is:
– a mop and bucket
– pure white vinegar
– dishwashing liquid
– rubbing alcohol

Also, as a bonus, I give you a review of the amazing MOPNADO spin mop, the best mop available on the market!! The Mopnado Spin Mop has some cool features that will make cleaning your hardwood floors easy and fun!

Music by Hurley Mower:

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