Q&A #2: Answering your car detailing questions + channel update !!

Q&A #2: I answer your detailing questions and I give you an update about my YouTube channel!

In this video, I will give you an update about my YouTube channel and I will also take the time to answer common questions asked by my viewers concerning car detailing.

►2017 Car detailing products awards video: https://youtu.be/AnT7vhvgc58

Here are the questions that I will answer:

1) What’s the difference between a pre-wash and wash?

2) Do I absolutely need to decontaminate the paint with a claybar?

3) Do I absolutely need to polish the paint before applying a layer of wax?

4) Why is an IPA wipe important after the polishing stage?

5) I want to protect my paint. What is the difference between waxes, sealants and ceramic coatings?

6) Why can’t I expose my car to water for the first 24 hours after applying a ceramic coating?

7) What’s the difference between consumer grade coatings and professional coatings?

8) I bought a brand new car. Is it a good idea to detail it right away and why?

9) I heard there are silicone based and water based tire dressings. What are the differences?

10) I keep getting tire dressing sling-off on my paint when I drive. Why?

11) I see you use a three bucket method. Can you explain why? I am ok using just one bucket?

12) I watch your videos and notice you always clean your wheels first. Why is that?

13) I don’t own a garage, so it still ok for me to detail my car outside? What tips do you have for me?

14) I want to buy a pressure washer. How much PSI do I need?

15) How long have you been detailing cars for?

16) What headphones are you using when detailing?

17) What are you favorite products?

18) What car do you currently drive?

19) Do people think you’re crazy when they watch you detail cars?

20) Can I apply a wax or a sealant on top of my ceramic coating?

21) Why do I need to throw away the microfiber towel used to remove or buff off the ceramic coating?

22) Do I absolutely need a dedicated clay lubricant for my claybar?

23) Is a waterless or rinseless wash as safe as a traditional wash?

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