NEW GlassParency Detailing Products! REVIEW + DEMO

NEW GlassParency Detailing Products! REVIEW + DEMO ! In this video, we go over the new lineup of car detailing products by GlassParency. They produce one of the best glass coatings available and also one of the best graphene coatings on the market. They now expanded their range to a full suite of detailing products available to the public and for wholesale as well!

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🌎 The official GlassParency website:

✅ Watch my full GlassParency glass coating review here:

✅ Watch my full GlassParency Graphene Coating review here:

Take the pro-quality GlassParency detailing products for a test drive by purchasing their sample kit:

The products used in the wheel and tire cleaning and protection segment of the video:

S1 Soap (in the wash bucket):
Heavy duty detergent to help strip dirt and grime.

Tire & Wheel Cleaner:
Non acid formula that cleans tires and rims.

Wheel & Metal Cleaner:
Breaks down brake dust and safe to use on all types of wheels and metals, including chrome, steel, factory clear-coated, factory painted, allow, powder coated, bare metal, anodized aluminum and painted metals. Chemical will change color as it lifts contaminants from the surface.

Panel Prep:
Surface cleaner to prepare the surface for a coating.

Graphene Spray Coating:
Creates an ultra-hydrophobic layer of protection for your car’s exterior surfaces, adds UV protection, protects paint from water spotting, chemical stains and contaminants, works as a drying aid after a car wash, has an extremely glossy and slick appearance.

Tire Dressing:
Proprietary silica technology aids in lasting durability, increases wash-off resistance, is safe for use on tires, rubber trim and bumpers, makes the surface hydrophobic. Apply multiple layers for added shine, if desired.

☑️ Full disclosure: This is a sponsored video. However, I made sure that the opinions expressed in my video are my own and the company had no influence on my content.

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