Lume Cube – Best portable LED video/photo light ?? (UNBOXING & REVIEW)

This is a review of Lume Cube, the best portable LED light for video and photo! Full unboxing & review!!




Hot Shoe Mount for mounting the Lume Cube to a camera or tripod:

►For UK buyers:

►For France buyers:

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In today’s show, I’m reviewing the best compact portable LED light for photo and video: the Lume Cube. This is a super small yet ultra powerful LED light that can be controlled via bluetooth and the free app.

The Lume Cube can get to a brightness level of 1500 lumens!!

In this unboxing and review video, you’ll see just how bright this Lume Cube gets! I was AMAZED. A great tool for people who shoot video or photo, as it allows you to have an ultra portable yet super powerful light to light up your scenes.

I personally bought two of these to use for shooting my YouTube videos and I couldn’t be happier. You can also safely mount these lights to your DJI Phantom 3 and 4 drones to light up sports you couldn’t see before. See more, do more!

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Enjoy the video!

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