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MICROFIBER MADNESS is a premium microfiber products company that supply car care enthusiasts and professional detailers worldwide with top-notch microfiber towels and unique tools that stretch the imagination.

Microfiber Madness was established circa 2010 in Germany, where they produce and assemble the majority of their products. The brand name reflects their core principles: creating something out of the ordinary – a little bit mad, but always useful! Microfiber Madness stands for unrivaled quality, high ethics, unique products and crazy ideas. Their products are now available in more than 20 countries and their customer service is first rate.

In this video, I will present you the entire range of Microfiber Madness Products.

►Here are the links to all the products presented in the video:

USA buyers: http://bit.ly/2nhdPMg

Canada buyers: http://amzn.to/2FgbT1l

France buyers: http://amzn.to/2F8VEEg

UK buyers: http://amzn.to/2oHMkvU

The entire “Incredi” range of products is 100% made in Germany and so are the Yellow Fellow and Waxing Moon as well. All the other items are mostly assembled in Germany (the fabric is from Korea, but all other things are done in Germany, from cutting, to sewing to packing. Only a small part of the products are made 100% in Korea.

Cloudbuster: Glass cleaning towel. Thin waffle weave. 16×16. 75/25 blend.

Crazy Bag: Versatile mini-mitt for interior and exterior use. Perfect for dusting or applying interior dressing. 75/25 blend.

Crazy Pile: Ultra-Soft detailing towel. Edgeless, single-layer microfiber towel. 16×16. 75/25 blend.

Dropnetic: Magnetic strips to stop water-runnings appearing after a car wash (mirrors, door handles, trunk deck, turn signals, etc). Drying fabric wrapped over extra strong rustproof magnets. They will soak up water before it can streak. Available in 3 different lengths.

Dry me Crazy: super plush drying towel. Microfiber edges. 25×17. 75/25 blend. 1200 GSM.

Drying Diamond: Drying mitt. Inside the mitt, you will find two loops for your fingers. 75/25 blend.

Dusting Diamond: Dusting Mitt. One soft side with Crazy Pile fabric is perfect for delicate areas and for removing dust in the interior. The Slogger-side is made for tougher jobs like removing dirt from plastic door panels or applying leather cleaners. 75/25 blend.

Incredibrush Flat: Built-in foam core for additional water absorption. The cleaning cover is made from Incredi-material can be removed for better cleaning. The covered stem is made of high grade stainless steel and there is included knuckle protection. 92% polyester, 8% viscose. 17” long.

Incredimitt: Wash mitt. Built-in sponge for extra water absorption. 10” x 8”, 92% polyester, 8% viscose. Nice high quality cuff. Available in blue and grey colors.

IncrediFlair: Wheel wash mitt. It is produced much thinner and more flexible than the Incredi Mitt, so you can easily clean the wheel faces. It also features a centered thumb, which makes it possible to wrap around wheel spokes and clean behind them. 10” x 6”, 92% polyester, 8% viscose.

Incredipole: Premium telescopic microfiber wash-broom. Perfect for washing SUVs and trucks, RVs or boats. Made with the high-grade Incredi-Fabric. 23.6” to 54”. Made of aluminum.

Slogger: Premium all-purpose microfiber towel. Workhorse towel. 16×16, 230 GSM, 75/25 blend.

WaveRider Jr. : Classic waffle-weave drying towel. Microfiber edges. 24×16. 530 GSM. 75/25 blend.

Waxing Moon Deluxe: Applicator pads. Pocket for your fingers to make product application more comfortable. You can easily turn the pocket to the other side. Perfect for applying waxes, glazes, sealants or trim dressings. 5”. 75/25 blend.

Yellow Fellow 2.0: Polishing towel. Short, dense fibers with the perfect ratio of aggressiveness and softness. Ultrasonic cut edges. 16×16. 360 GSM. Perfect to wipe off polishes, paint cleaners, sticky waxes or sealants. 75/25 blend.

For more information on the Microfiber Madness products, visit their official website: http://www.microfibermadness.de/en

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