My viewers’ detailing setups! Pan & The Organizers Episode #2

My viewers’ detailing setups! Pan & The Organizers (Episode #2) !! A new series on my YouTube channel, where my audience gets involved! This new series consists of my viewers presenting their car detailing setups and how they organize their space. From detailing products, to tools and equipment, show me how you guys get organized! Oh, and you can also show us your ride or a car that you detailed.

The rules are simple. Here’s how to participate:
1. Do a short 2 minutes video, with voiceover, where you present yourself and which country you’re from, and you present your car detailing workspace (products, tools, equipment…).
2. At the end of the video, you can also present your ride or a vehicle that you detailed.
3. You take a high quality picture of your detailing workspace.
4. Send both files (video and picture) to

Also, you must follow these instructions to participate:
1. Record your video with voice over (no background music).
2. The video must not exceed 2 minutes.
3. The video must be rendered in 1080p (HD) in 30 FPS.
4. Take 1 picture of your overall detailing setup (so I can use it in a thumbnail)
5. The files must not be bigger than 2 GB in total.
6. Go over to
7. Attach both the video file and picture.
8. Send everything to

I will reject submissions if:
1. Send me bad quality videos or pictures.
2. No background music should be present due to copyright claims.
3. No watermark in your video.
4. No profanity in the video.
5. The video is longer than 2 minutes.
6. The video isn’t shot in 1080p (HD) @ 30 FPS.

There are no deadlines to submit your videos. I will select my favorite entries and include them in a future video. Good luck!

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