NEW GYEON 2018 CERAMIC COATINGS : Q2 One, Pure & Syncro !

Gyeon Quartz introduced a new lineup of ceramic coatings at the 2017 SEMA show in Las Vegas. In this video, I present these new Gyeon coatings so you’ll learn everything there is to know about them.

Gyeon Quartz ceramic coatings increase the hardness and thickness of your paint, as well as increase the hydrophobic effect, boost gloss levels, add UV protection, increase chemical resistance, and give your paint self cleaning capabilities which means your maintenance washes will be much easier.

Before applying Gyeon coatings, it is recommended that you wash the car with Q2M Bathe shampoo, and perform chemical decontamination with Q2M Iron and Q2M Tar to remove impurities and do a final wipe down with Q2M Prep to degrease the surface. Work in a well-ventilated area. Don’t apply in direct sunlight. Wait at least 24 hours after the final layer before exposing the paint to water. Maintain the finish every 2-3 months with a silica spray sealant like Q2M Cure.

►How to properly apply a ceramic coating on a vehicle:

►How to do a maintenance wash on a ceramic coated vehicle:

►Here are the links to the products presented in the video:

►US buyers:
Gyeon ONE:
Gyeon PURE:
Gyeon Mohs:

►Canada buyers:

►France buyers:

►UK buyers:

Gyeon Q2 One: Gyeon’s entry level coating, designed for the novice who has never used ceramic coatings. As easy to apply as a natural wax, and glossy like a glaze, durable and resistant as regular coatings. Fast-curing formula that’s incredibly easy to apply and remove. Durability is about 12 months.

Gyeon Q2 Pure: This is an updated and improved formula of Gyeon Q2 Prime. It gives you pure quartz protection. Thick, hard and extremely hydrophobic. Delivers a pure candy gloss. Simple, one layer application. It is designed for the advanced enthusiast who has experience with coatings. Layer Pure is possible, and can add to its longevity. Durability is estimated around 18 months.

Gyeon Q2 Syncro: The most advanced ceramic coating for enthusiasts. The sophisticated double-stage formula offers incredible slickness, repellency, hardness and significant durability. The base layer is the new MOHS coating which provides the thick, durable, protective layer of coating. Its multilayer application ends with Skin, an advanced silicone-based topcoat that provides exceptional gloss, slickness, and hydrophobicity. You must apply 2 or 3 layers of MOHS base coat, and one layer of Skin top-coat. Wait 1 hour in between MOHS layers, and after applying your last layer of MOHS, wait at least 4 hours before applying Skin. Durability is said to be upwards of 2 years.

Here’s a simple breakdown of Gyeon’s coating offerings from good to best: CanCoat – One – Prime/Pure – Mohs – Syncro.

You can also top MOHS with Booster for a stronger combo. The difference between Skin and Booster is that Skin is a flexible Si based top coat and Booster is a harder quartz based top coat. Flexible coatings like Skin can be beneficial where large temperature fluctuations occur.

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