NANOLEX Detailing Products: Brand Review!

NANOLEX detailing products brand review! Nanolex car care products are developed, tested and produced in Germany. They are famous for their Nanolex Si3D ceramic coating, but I will make you discover the rest of their products lineup!

The exclusive North American distributor for Nanolex products is Detailers Domain. The president of Detailers Domain, Philip Yiu has been passionate about detailing since he was young and decided to found his own company 15 years ago, initially offering detailing products through an online store and now also offering high quality, high end detailing services. If you’re in the Tri-State area, check them out!

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Here is a detailed list of the products presented in the video:

Wheel Cleaner & Iron Remover: Highly effective and fast-acting iron contamination remover. Perfect for dissolving iron contamination and brake dust. Has a colour-change mechanism (turns red) when the iron particles have been neutralized. Has good dwell time and is easy to rinse off.

Wash Coat: Quick and effective way to protect and maintain exterior surfaces. Using a foam cannon (2 capfuls for 32 oz bottle), you apply it to the car after washing, while the car is still wet, then pressure wash off. It refreshes ceramic coatings by increasing gloss levels and water beading properties. Expect 1 month durability. If you have hard water, dry the vehicle with a towel, and not a car dryer if you want to avoid water spots.

SiShield: Ceramic coating that will last 2 to 3 years. Great chemical resistance and self-cleaning properties, superb gloss. Very easy to use. Apply on the paint in a 2×2 section, and after roughly 30 seconds, buff off with a clean microfiber towel, and wipe again with a second clean microfiber towel. To ensure proper coverage, immediately apply a second coat in the same 2×2 section and immediately buff off. Avoid exposure to water for the first week.

SiFinish: Water-based sealant containing silica compounds (silica spray sealant). Offers a high gloss shine and leaves the surface smooth to the touch. 4 to 6 months real world durability. Can be used as a stand-alone product or on top of previously-applied ceramic coatings. 2-3 sprays per panel, on dry surfaces, and buff off using a microfiber cloth (avoid using it on glass or wet paint).

Tire & Rubber Restorer: UV resistant formulation that restores tires and rubber trim to their natural appearance. Gives an OEM matte finish.

Race Film Remover: Solvent-based, removes track related contamination such as oil, grease, rubber, and tar from sills and wheel arches. Safe on coated vehicles, although repeated use could damage the coating on the long run.

EX: IPA wipe.

Interior cleaner: Gently cleans all interior surfaces, including leather, vinyl, and plastic. Leaves a streak free, non greasy finish.

ODEX: Scent-free odor eliminator.

PreWash Concentrate: High-foaming alkaline prewash. Suitable for removal of wax, polish residue and silicones. Also great to remove road salt during winter driving. Add 2-3 oz in a 32 oz foam cannon bottle and spray on the vehicle during the pre-wash stage.

Pure Shampoo: Mild pH neutral shampoo.

Reactivating shampoo: Maintenance shampoo that cleans and protects in a single step. Refreshes previously-applied coatings.

Final Finish: Water-based quick detailer mainly used to remove water spots on paint and glass. Safe on coated cars.

Ultra Glass Sealant: Coating for glass surfaces. Apply with microsuede applicators and remove with Glass Cleaner. Expect 5-6 months of protection. Side note: glass coatings can make wipers skip, as they are mainly meant to reduce the need to use wipers and screen wash.

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►Full disclosure: This is a sponsored video. However, I made sure that the opinions expressed in my video are my own and the company had no influence on my content.

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