OBSSSSD Car Detailing Products: BRAND REVIEW !!

Brand review of the entire lineup of OBSSSSD premium car detailing products! OBSSSSD was launched in 2016 lots of product testing and development. OBSSSSD’s goal was to create a line of exceptional detailing products that could deliver professional-grade results, but also empower the enthusiast, intermediate, and professional. They ship in USA and Canada. For other countries, visit the Auto Obsessed eBay store. Auto Obsessed, Canada’s largest reseller of premium car detailing products, sells and distributes the complete OBSSSSD line of products.

Here are the products presented in this video:

►For Canadian buyers: https://amzn.to/2IIqiCM

►For US buyers: https://www.carpro-us.com/obssssd/

►For international buyers: https://www.ebay.com/str/autoobsessed

Auto Wash Shampoo: pH neutral automotive shampoo concentrate. It encapsulates dirt and allows for a gentle wash without removing any waxes, sealants or ceramic coatings. Also great for foaming.

Wheel Cleaner: Is a spray wheel cleaner formulated to gently and safely clean soiled wheels and rims. It’s safe for use on all alloy wheels, including clear-coated, factory painted, chrome, polished, and anodized finishes. It can also be used to clean the tires.

Clay Lube: It provides the necessary lubrication for detailing clay to decontaminate paintwork, glass, metal, and chrome surfaces.

Detailing Clays: Used for cleaning and removing contamination, oxidation and paint over-spray from delicate paintwork.

Paint Clean: Is an ultra-fine pre-wax cleaner and polish. Also great to remove scuff marks on door sills, bug etchings, bird droppings, and remove etchings off of piano black trims on B-pillars.

Paint Seal: It has been engineered to provide an exceptionally deep, wet-looking shine for months while protecting from harsh road salts, oxidation, and detergents. Durability is between 6 to 12 months.

Luxury Carnauba Show Wax: Is a high content Carnauba show wax specially created for OBSSSSD by Swissvax. It creates impressive “soft” reflections. Excellent beading and sheeting capabilities. One 200 mL pot provides 10-20 applications.

Paint Finish: Show quick detailer and gloss enhancer. It’s designed to enhance the finish of high-grade waxes and sealants. For the best freshly-waxed look, use on surfaces that have been fully prepped with a high quality wax. Safe for ceramic coated cars.

Touch-Up: Cleaner and quick detailer in one. This is a unique maintenance product that adds a layer of protection on painted and non-painted surfaces. Apply it to gently remove light dust, water spots, dirt, bird droppings, or grease. Great for door jams and sills, trunk jams, wheels, etc.

Tire Satin: Is a water-based tire dressing consisting of hydrating, gloss enhancing and preservative agents. It’ is dry to the touch and leaves a deep black satin finish.

Tire Matte: Is a petroleum-based tire dressing emulsion consisting of hydrating agents and preservatives. It’s dry to the touch and leaves a deep, matte black finish. Great for dressing those plastic inner fender wells too.

Microfiber Detailing Towel: Premium 16″ x 16″ towel with red silk edge for auto detailing. Plush, absorbant microfiber blend 75/25 polyester/polyamide.

Microfiber Detergent: It’s an active detergent designed to clean and restore microfiber towels, wash mitts, applicators, and foam buffing pads to a like-new condition.

Odor Eliminator: Is an easy to use slow release chlorine based treatment, which permanently removes lingering offensive odors.

OBSSSSD Box Set: Was meant as a nice presentation piece to the product lineup and is a great gift to offer a car detailing enthusiast!
1 x OBSSSSD Auto Wash Shampoo 16oz
1 x OBSSSSD Wheel Cleaner 16oz
1 x OBSSSSD Tire Satin Finish 16oz
1 x OBSSSSD Touch-Up 16 oz
1 x OBSSSSD Microfiber Detailing Towel
3 x OBSSSSD Red Pump Sprayers
1 x OBSSSSD Product Brochure

►Full disclosure: This is a sponsored video. However, I made sure that the opinions expressed in my video are my own and the company had no influence on my content.

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