How To Inspect a Car Before Detailing It – featuring Jim White from White Details !!

HOW TO INSPECT A CAR BEFORE DETAILING IT featuring Jim White from White Details! In this video, you’ll get a car detailing professional’s tips and tricks on how to properly inspect a vehicle before you start detailing it. When receiving a customer’s car in for a detailing service or valet, it’s important to assess the car’s condition in order to establish which steps you’ll perform to restore the vehicle and make it look as good as possible and to give the uppermost in correction, reflection and protection.

In this video, Jim also talks about all the steps in his famous “White Detail” ultimate car care package. It combines a major paint correction detail, wheels off detailing, engine bay, interior and leather treatments followed by a ceramic coating for maximum durability.

Jim White is the owner of White Details and offers detailing services in the West Lindsey district of Lincolnshire in the UK. He’s widely recognized as one of the UK’s top vehicle appearance specialists.

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