Starting a car detailing business: how to get customers and how to price your services! In this video, I will give you tips and tricks about how to get customers and how to price your services. I have been detailing cars for over 20 years, and detailing is my passion. I setup this channel to help share my different passions with my viewers and help you grown your business along the way!

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In this video, you’ll learn how to get new customers and how to price your detailing services.

►How to get customers:

1) Start by learning your craft. Make sure you either follow detailing classes or if you’re an advanced DIY enthusiast that is self taught, make sure you are up to date on all the latest trends, products, tools and techniques.

2) Start by detailing your friends’ and family’s cars. Ask them to spread the word around. You can also offer your services to locals by leaving flyers in their mailboxes. You can offer your services on car forums.

3) The most important communication tool today is social media. You can go on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and promote your business. Also, you could start a Youtube channel and show what services and the type of work you do. It’s a great showcase to demonstrate your level of professionalism. It doesn’t have to be public, you can share private videos to potential customers so they better understand your services. If picture is worth a thousand words, well a video is worth a million!

4) Show your customers your appreciation for their business by overdelivering (spray wax, glass sealant, etc) and giving them a nice personalized touch like a detailed sheet of all the steps that were performed on their car and what products were used. Give them a business card. They can help share their experience with their relatives and friends.

5) Be polite and courteous. Confirm the appointment by text or phone call (their preference) and make sure you’re on time and dressed properly.

6) Once you pull up to their house, or if they come to your place, greet them. Do a walk-around of the car with the customer so that you can assess the state of the car and confirm the work that will be done. That way everyone is on the same page and there is no surprise!

7) Ask them if there’s anything in particular that they want you to attend to. You want to make sure you cover that, as they are probably focused on that area. It could be a stain, a deep scratch, a smell, etc.

8) Once you’re done, get the customer and have them do a final results walk-around. Be sure to point out the differences of before and after, as it could be a lot to take in and the customer might miss a detail that you worked on.

9) If you work at the customer’s home, make sure you pick up after yourself and leave no mess behind. The last thing the customer wants is to find their place dirtier than before you came.

►How to price your detailing services:

1) Start by looking around and assessing how much detailers in your area are charging. Prices vary a lot depending on many factors like the area you live in. What area are you servicing? You can adjust your services according to the customer profile in your area.

2) In the beginning you charge a bit less than the competition, that’s normal.

3) Be clear on what you’re offering. Are you offering basic and quick services like a quick exterior and interior wash? Are you doing full detail packages with decontamination, paint polishing stages and paint protection? Are you only doing exterior or interior?

4) Walk your customers through your process, that way they’ll understand why you are charging a certain amount. It’s important to communicate your services in a simple way, don’t use complicated language.

5) Talk with your customer about their budget and expectations. Maybe they only want a simple car wash. They have to understand that will not remove scratches and swirls. To do that, it involves more time and more costs.

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