SUPER CLEAN IS THE BEST CLEANER AND DEGREASER !! (+ GIVEAWAY!). Super Clean is a heavy duty all purpose cleaner and degreaser and it’s the strongest cleaner that you can find in automotive parts stores in USA and Canada. In this video, I will present the entire range of Super Clean products and demonstrate how they can be used for car detailing.

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►Here are links to purchase the products:

Super Clean (1 gallon) + 32 oz dilution bottle kit:
Super Clean spray:
Super Clean foaming aerosol:
Super Clean foaming spray:
Super Clean wheel cleaner:
Super Clean 1 gallon concentrate:
Other Super Clean products:

Super Clean spray:
Super Clean 1 gallon concentrate:
Super Clean foaming spray:

Super Clean is a very powerful cleaner-degreaser that has been highly optimized to make your cleaning tasks quick and easy. The faster you can get your stuff clean, the faster you can get back to enjoying using your stuff and enjoy doing things you love to do! Thanks to its pH 13 level formula, Super Clean safely cuts through dirt, grease and grime, lifts it off the surface and rinses away with no residue left behind. It’s also completely biodegradable so it’s also safe for the environment!

A big thank you to Bryan, Jessica and Jill from the Super Clean USA team, and to Marsha and the Super Clean Team in Canada for making this video possible.

►Super Clean is so good, that it won my cleaner-degreaser of the year award in my 2017 Car Detailing Products Awards video! Check it out here:

In this video, I’m covering the entire range of products under the Super Clean line:

1. Super Clean Cleaner-Degreaser in spray format: this product can be diluted to effectively remove grime, oil wax, dirt, and tar. In the video, I’m using it on tires to degrease and remove previous tire dressings and clean the tires so we can apply a new dressing on them.

2. Super Clean Foaming Cleaner-Degreaser: creates foam that clings to grime rather than dripping off. In the video, I’m using it to clean floor mats.

3. Super Clean All Wheel Cleaner: made specifically for vehicle wheels to remove road grime and brake dust. Acid based. In the video, I’m using it to clean wheels.

4. Super Clean Aerosol Cleaner-Degreaser: helps you clean accurately and conveniently with the touch of a button. In the video, I’m using it to clean an engine bay.

Super Clean is also a very economical product because it can be diluted in water depending on your type of application. Click on the following link to see all the different applications and recommended dilution ratios (click on the purple beaker on the right side of your screen):

Super Clean is very versatile and can be used for many applications such as:
Automotive: engines, underbodies, small parts, floor mats, wheels and tires, and more
Indoor/Home use: laundry, ovens, bathrooms, carpet, appliances, and more
Outdoor: BBQ grills, concret, tools, lawn mower, and more
Recreational: RVs, boats, ATVs, bikes, and more

►Check out the Super Clean video to see all the stuff you can clean with it:

Note: Always use Super Clean with cold water to activate its cleaning potential and use it on a cool surface. If possible, use distilled water when diluting Super Clean. Be extra cautious when using Super Clean on motorcycles, aluminum, chrome, untreated glass, and painted or powder coated surfaces.

►For more details on the products, visit the official Super Clean website:

Super Clean USA:

Super Clean YouTube page:

Super Clean Canada:

►Full disclosure: This is a sponsored video. However, I made sure that the opinions expressed in my video are my own and the company had no influence on my content.

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