THE BEST PUMP SPRAYERS & FOAMERS FOR CAR DETAILING! In this episode, I present the best pump sprayers & foamers for auto detailing, as well as a rinseless wash and microfiber towel. You will see them in action in a product demonstration.

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Marolex pump sprayers:

Luxury Microfiber Revive rinseless wash:

Luxury Microfiber Big Daddy towels:

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Marolex sprayers and foamers are chemical resistant, light and extremely well built. The Ergo series are the sprayers while the Axel series are the foamers. All available in different sizes depending on your needs. The sprayers can generate a pressure up to 58 psi!

Revive is a rinseless wash concentrate. Dilution ratio of 1oz to 3 gallons of water in a bucket or pump sprayer. 0.5oz to 22oz of water for use as clay lubricant & quick detailer.

The Big Daddy towels are plush, thick and super absorbent. They are ideal for rinseless washing, spray waxing, polishing and final buffing. It’s 15”x18”, 800 GSM, dual pile with blue satin edge.

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