WATER SPOT REMOVAL TUTORIAL ! In this video, I show different methods to remove water spots from your car’s paint and tips to prevent water spots in the future. Water spots are caused by water that dries onto the vehicle surface, leaving behind mineral deposits. If left unattended, they can etch through the clear coat and cause permanent damage to your car’s paint. This tutorial will give you different techniques to safely remove water spots from your car’s paint or glass.

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Always start with the less aggressive method first. Do a test spot, look at the results and see if you need to move to a more aggressive method.

1. Vinegar bath. Rinse, and then spray a 50/50 mix of distilled water and white vinegar on the surface, one section at a time. Instead of the vinegar mix, you can purchase a dedicated water spot remover and follow the instructions on the label.

2. Clay bar treatment. Wash the car, rinse it, and then spray clay lubricant generously on the surface and rub the clay bar in straight lines, rinse and dry the car.

3. Paint correction. The final method to remove stubborn water spots is paint correction through machine polishing. Watch my paint polishing tutorial here: https://youtu.be/X2qjO5xZZ2E

Whatever the scenario, don’t leave water spots unattended for too long. The longer they bake onto the surface, the harder they will be to remove.

Pro tips to prevent water spots:
1) Don’t wash your car in direct sunlight or heavy heat. After washing your car, make sure you dry it as quickly as possible using a microfiber drying towel
2) Use a quick detail spray as a drying aid. This helps add lubrication during the drying but also helps lift any minerals left behind with the water.
3) Go the extra mile by using a car dryer to blow water from window seals, door jams, door sills, mirrors and grilles. This will reduce water drips.
4) Avoid parking near sprinkler systems. Also, test the water hardness levels in your home. You might want to invest in a water softener or water deionizer system. Watch my video: https://youtu.be/G66IR8kS0uQ
5) Apply paint protection to your paintwork. A wax, a paint sealant or a ceramic coating will greatly reduce the chances of developing water spots due to the hydrophobic properties of that protection. The protection will repel water and prevent it from sticking to the paint.

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