HOW TO REMOVE PET HAIR FROM CAR – QUICK & EASY!! In this video, I will show you how to easily and quickly remove pet hair from your car’s carpets and floor mats. Thanks to the Mini Pet Hair Detailer brush from Lilly Brush, you can remove years of embedded and woven-in fur in no time in just a few sweeps!

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Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair Detailer brush:

Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair Detailer brush:

Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair Detailer brush:

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Thanks to the brush, you can remove pet hair from the inside of your car: carpeting, upholstery, and even your roof-liner without fear of scratching delicate plastic, wood or chrome nearby.

Great for families with Labradors, Beagles, Pugs, Boxers, Chows, Huskies, Border Collies, Shepherds, Malinois, Heelers, Pyrenees, Corgis, and any sweet mutt with straight, short or wiry fur!

How to use the Mini Pet Hair Detailer brush:
1. Vacuum first to remove as much loose dirt and pet hair as possible.
2. Use any part of the rubber blade to briskly sweep and drag pet hair into a pile to be vacuumed up.
3. Use short, quick strokes from varying directions to loosen the most stubbornly embedded hair.
4. Occasionally use a clean, damp cloth to wipe accumulated dirt and dust from blade to maintain maximum cleaning power.

If the pet hair is really hard to remove, make a 1:7 solution of fabric softener diluted in water and put that mix in a spray bottle. Mist the solution on the fabric and let it dwell for 2 minutes. This will soften the fibers, loosen the pet hair, and neutralize the static charge between the fibers and pet hair, thus facilitating the removal. Go ahead and use the pet hair brush and sweep and drag the remaining pet hair and vacuum the pile. You’re done!

►Full disclosure: This video is sponsored by Lilly Brush. However, I made sure that the opinions expressed in my video are my own and the company had no influence on my content.

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