How to choose a good car detailer! With SPECIAL GUESTS !!!

How to choose a good car detailer! In this video, I’m joined by four special guests: Jason Otterness from Chicago Auto Pros, Brian Spitler from APEX Detail, and Levi Gates + Anthony Fisher from The Rag Company, four professional car detailers and detailing shop owners, to give us tips on how to find a good car detailer, or a good detailing shop. This will help you answer some common questions like: “How do I find a good car detailer near me?” or “How do I find a good car wash near me?”

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⬇️🔶 Here are the links to the YouTube channels talked about in this video:

☑️ Jason from Chicago Auto Pros:
His official website:
If you’re in the Chicago area (USA), check them out!

☑️ Brian from APEX Detail:
His official website:
If you’re in the Pennsylvania area (USA), check them out!

☑️ Levi and Anthony from The Rag Company:
Their official website:
Their products on Amazon:
If you’re in the Boise, Idaho area (USA), check them out!

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