How To Make Your Own Quick Detailer !!

How to make your own quick detailer! In this video, I’ll show you how simple and economical it is to make your own quick detailer using a single product and distilled water. Quick detailers, also called detail sprays, are important in a detailer’s arsenal for many reasons.

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►Here’s the list of products I presented in the video. If the product isn’t available in your country, I included some pre-mixed quality quick detailers:

►USA buyers:
Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash:
Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine:
Chemical Guys professional spray bottle with sprayer:
Griot’s Garage Speed Shine Quick Detailer:
Meguiar’s Gold Class Quick Detailer:
Meguiar’s Last Touch Spray Detailer:
Chemical Guys Speed Wipe Quick Detailer:

►Canada buyers:
Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine:
Chemical Guys spray bottle with sprayer:
Chemical Guys Speed Wipe Quick Detailer:
Meguiar’s Ultimate Quick Detailer:
Griot’s Garage Quick Detailer:

►UK buyers:
CarPro ECH2O:
Spray bottles:
Meguiar’s Quick Detailer:
Auto Finesse Finale:
Bouncer’s Done & Dusted Quick Detailer:

►France buyers:
CarPro ECH2O:
Chemical Guys Quick Detailer:
Auto Finess Finale:

First, what is a quick detailer? It’s essentially a solution that makes detailing a quick process. However, don’t use quick detailers on very dirty vehicles. In those cases, a traditional wash with free flowing water is always the best technique.

How does a quick detailer work? By encapsulating dust which can then be wiped away using a microfiber towel. Its main purpose is to remove light dust. Most of them can also be used in direct sunlight.

Here are some scenarios where you can use a quick detailer:
To remove a light layer of dust on a vehicle (if for example you’re at a car show or if the car has been sitting in a garage for one week)
To use as a final inspection tool (for example to remove fingerprints on a freshly detailed car, or to clean a spot that you missed while washing)
To remove fresh bird droppings for the vehicle’s paint (if it’s less than an hour old)
To use as a clay lubricant when claying a car to remove embedded contaminants (note: if you have access to a dedicated clay lube, than use that instead)
To give your paint extra shine and gloss, as a final touch after the washing and drying process
To remove water spots after washing and drying a vehicle

How do you use a quick detailer? First, inspect the car to evaluate if using a quick detailer is appropriate, i.e. if the car only has a light layer of dust. Spray the quick detailer on the surface, then gently wipe and buff using a clean microfiber towel. You can spray a quick detailer on pretty much all the exterior surfaces: paint, glass, chrome, trim and rims. For best results, spray on a cool surface.

Here are some recommended dilutions to use with rinseless washes like Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash:
Add 3 oz of product to 1 gallon of distilled water.
For a 32 oz spray bottle, add 0.75 oz of product in the bottle and fill with distilled water.

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