KAMIKAZE COLLECTION Car Detailing Products: Brand Review !

KAMIKAZE COLLECTION car detailing products brand review video!! In this video, I present a complete lineup of Kamikaze Collection car detailing products and give you tips and tricks on how to properly use them on your car.

Kamikaze Collection is a Japanese car detailing products company that was started in 2013 by owner Kai Morita. They develop hand made, bespoke, high-end boutique car care products. They are mostly known for their awesome range of glass coatings (ceramic coatings) such as Miyabi Coat and ISM Coat.

Application and removal of Kamikaze Collection glass coatings is simple. Apply one panel at a time, in straight lines (do not use cross a cross hatch pattern to insure you get a level application). Let the coating dry until you see a rainbow haze and then buff off using circular motions and a soft microfiber towel. Make sure to use the coating within a month of opening the bottle.

Miyabi Coat:
This is a glass coating that is VOC free and is more resistant to water spotting than traditional glass coatings. It offers a harder and more brilliant shine than ISM Coat (ISM Coat has a more wax-like gloss) and is super easy to apply and remove. Durability is said to be 18 to 24 months of protection. It is recommended to maintain Miyabi Coat with Over Coat.

ISM Coat:
This is a glass coating that is non-solvent, VOC free and non-flammable. It is easy to apply and remove. It can be used by itself on both paint and plastic trim. Durability is said to be 24 to 36 months of protection. It is recommended to maintain ISM Coat with Over Coat.

Over Coat:
This is the ultimate sacrificial layer coating. It is easily applied over the durable base layer of glass coating (like Miyabi or ISM) and other brands of glass or ceramic coatings. Over Coat will take the abuse of the elements all while protecting the layer beneath it. It is recommended to use Over Coat every month or two to maintain your coating’s performance. Durability of Over Coat is said to be 3 to 6 months. It also has incredible hydrophobic properties for those who love water beading. It can also be applied on a wet or dry surface.

Stance Rim Coat:
Wheel coating with an expected durability of 1 to 2 years. One bottle can lay down two coats of protection on approximately 6 sets of wheels. Wait 1 hour between coats if you want to apply a second coat. Keep the surface dry for 24 hours.

Infinity Wax:
This is a hybrid wax that utilizes high grade carnauba wax and Japanese glass coating. This way, Infinity Wax combines the amazing gloss of wax with the durability of a glass coating. Whereas most waxes will only last a month or two, Infinity wax is designed to last several years. For maintenance, it is recommended to use Overcoat.

Water Spot Remover:
Designed for use with coatings and it won’t damage them in the process. Use this product to effectively remove freshly created water spots. It is safe for use on Kamikaze Collection glass coatings (but could damage other solvent based coatings).

Silica scale remover:
This is a more concentrated version of the Water Spot Remover and is designed for more heavy duty needs with deep water spotting and scale buildup.

Beast 5” backing plate:
Machined from billet aluminum and has a black anodized finish. It provides a better level of balance and smoother operation to Rupes polishers (LHR12 Duetto, LHR15 MK II, and LHR21). And since the design spaces the backing plate away from the anti-spin shroud, the result is a free-spinning orbit. The plate is also shorter than the factory unit, thus lowering the center of gravity and this gets you closer to the surface while polishing.

Banzai Dynamics polishing pads:
White for hard paint, red for soft paint, black for final finishing polish. They are very thin and the ABS compound found in the pads is a great combination for automotive paint.

Kabuki auto detailing tape:
Easy to work around corners and conforms to uneven surfaces. Doesn’t leave adhesive residue behind. Very gentle tape that’s safe on all finishes.

Banzai Cut:
Cutting compound for use with dual action polishers.

Ichiban Finish:
Paint polish.

Kamikaze Collection official website: https://www.kamikaze-collection.com
Where to buy Kamikaze products: http://www.esotericcarcare.com/brands/Kamikaze.html

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