Malco EPIC CR2 Ceramic Spray : Superb protection, gloss and water sheeting!

Malco EPIC™ CR2 Hydro Protect Ceramic Spray – Superb protection, gloss and water sheeting! In this video, I present the new and improved formula of the Malco Epic Ceramic Refresher, which now has double the durability. Its unique formula is designed to complement the EPIC™ Ceramic Coating System, or any ceramic coating. It can also be used as a stand alone paint protectant, producing up to 9 months of durability.

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EPIC™ CR2 Hydro Protect Ceramic Spray:
Malco website:

Iron Blaster
Malco website:

EPIC™ Ceramic Prep Wash Concentrate:
Malco website:

There are over 170 distributors of Malco products in 70 countries. To find a Malco distributor near you, click here:

E-mail if you have any questions on finding a distributor in your area.

The Malco EPIC™ CR2 Hydro Protect Ceramic Spray is an easy-to-apply spray, helping to maintain the protective properties and the gloss of an existing ceramic coating, keeping it durable and vibrant. CR2 will refresh the protective and hydrophobic characteristics of your ceramic coating. Simply spray it onto the vehicle, work it into the surface with a microfiber towel, and buff off with another clean and dry microfiber towel.

**Allow 4 hours of curing time before exposing the vehicle to water or rain.

Malco Iron Blaster is designed to remove stubborn contaminants from vehicle paint. This neutral pH formula breaks down rail dust, industrial fallout and iron deposits. Iron Blaster was developed to dissolve the toughest contaminants while restoring paint to a bright finish.

EPIC Hydrophobic CHALLENGE! Click here:

Part 2 of the 3-part EPIC Series Challenge is here! Enter Malco’s EPIC™ CR2 Hydrophobic Challenge! Show off your water sheeting or beading action via photo or video. The top 5 vote-getters will win a Malco EPIC™ caddy prize pack and Malco will select one grand prize winner from all of our entrants to win a trip to the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course!

How to enter:
1. Take a photo or video showing the water sheeting or beading action after applying EPIC™ CR2 Hydro Protect Ceramic Spray with the CR2 bottle present in the entry.
2. Post your photo on Facebook or Instagram tagging Malco and using #malcoepicchallenge
3. Upload your photo here and vote for your favorites!

Remember the contest runs until December 31st, and only one entry per person, so make it EPIC!

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