LITHIUM CERAMIC SLAM : a durable DIY ceramic spray coating !

Lithium Ceramic Slam – a durable DIY ceramic spray coating! In this video, I review a brand new product from Lithium Auto Elixirs: CERAMIC SLAM. A long lasting paint protection that’s easy to apply, stackable, glossy and has nice hydrophobic properties.

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►For people in USA:
Lithium Ceramic Slam:
Lithium Luster Lube and Fore Clay (claybar and clay lubricant):
Lithium Trim Serum:
The rest of the Lithium Auto Elixirs products:

Adam’s Strip Wash:
Wowo’s Fallout Remover:
CarPro Eraser:
The Rag Company microfiber towels:
Microfiber applicator pads:
Kranzle 1122TST pressure washer:
Microfiber chenille wash mitt:
303 Tire Coating & Protectant:

►For people in Canada:
Lithium Ceramic Slam:
The rest of the Lithium lineup of products:
Adam’s Strip Wash:
Wowo’s Fallout Remover:
CarPro Eraser:
The Rag Company microfiber towels:
Microfiber applicator pads:
Microfiber chenille wash mitt:
Chemical Guys VRP tire dressing:

Lithium Ceramic Slam is a DIY ceramic coating that’s easy to apply because it’s in spray format. Simply spray on, buff off. It’s that simple! You can apply one coat and the protection should last 4 to 6 months. Apply a second coat, and get 8 to 12 months durability!

Ceramic Slam will leave the paintwork glossy and super hydrophobic. Ceramic Slam repels water and reduces dust while protecting your finish from bird droppings, road salt and other contaminants. Works on plastic, trim, and glass as well!

1. Fully wash the vehicle.
2. Prepare the paintwork by claying the surface and using an iron remover if you have a lot of iron contamination from brake dust and industrial fallout.
If needed, polish the paint to remove oxidation, swirls and scratches.
3. Then use an IPA solution to remove polishing oils and residue.
4. Spray Ceramic Slam onto a clean and dry microfiber towel. Rub the product into the paint using a crosshatch pattern, doing one panel at a time.
5. Take a second clean and dry microfiber towel and buff off to a high shine.
*If you want to apply a second layer, wait at least 12 hours to let the product cure.
**Once the final coat is applied, wait 24 hours before exposing the vehicle to water or rain.

Lithium Auto Elixirs are made in the USA, in Salt Lake City. Pretty much their entire lineup is solvent free, so they’re environmentally friendly. Also, Lithium Auto Elixirs stand behind their products. If it’s not one of the best product that you have used, they will refund your money, no questions asked, no loopholes. That’s great customer service!

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►Full disclosure: This is a sponsored video. However, I made sure that the opinions expressed in my video are my own and the company had no influence on my content.

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