Nova Jet + Nova Lustre SPRAY COATINGS : FIRST LOOK !!

Nova Jet and Nova Lustre Spray Coatings: First look! In this video, I present two products from Australian company Nv Car Care. Nova Jet, a hydrophobic spray coating, and Nova Lustre, a high gloss spray coating. You will also see Nova Jet in action on a test vehicle.

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Nova JET:

-Great chemical resistance & environmental resistance
-Extreme water contact angle (superior to many ceramic coatings)
-People who love sealants resonate with Jet
-Great winter solution
-Approximately 6 months of durability
-2 hours of curing time
-Can be used on paintwork, wheels, trims, glass and PPF


-Designed to emulate the experience of a wax
-Can increase the reflectivity and saturation of paintwork
-Applies thicker and can fill in minor swirls and scratches
-Extremely slick
-Perfect for those who love that fresh wax look
-Approximately 6 months of durability
-2 hours of curing time

If you want the products performing at their peak, reapply every 6-12 weeks. Light application: only 1 to 2 sprays per panel. You can get 10 applications from one 250ml bottle.

Many customers combine Lustre and Jet to try and achieve the best of both worlds. They apply Nova Lustre for filling in imperfections and boosting gloss and saturation. They wait a couple of hours and then apply Nova Jet for increased hydrophobics and additional protection.

Keep in mind that these two products were originally developed to be used separately! By combining both, you lose the slickness of Lustre and Jet won’t last as long as being used as a stand alone paint protectant. You should reapply monthly if you want to combine both products.

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