The Detail Guardz Dirt Lock bucket filters! Great innovation!

The Detail Guardz Dirt Lock bucket filters! In this video, I present a new innovation in bucket filters from the Detail Guardz, the company that brought us the amazing car wash inserts that prevent your hose from being caught under your tires while washing your car.

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The Detail Guardz Turbine Dirt Lock bucket filters are equipped with hundreds of filtering funnels, blasting the dirt and debris to the bottom of the bucket, without mixing it back in with the clean water. The filtering funnels generate a downwards force when you move your wash mitt up and down in the bucket, pushing debris to the bottom of the bucket. Every time you pump your wash mitt in the bucket, the water is cleaned more and more! This patented design allows you to safely wash your car without inducing swirls and scratches on the paint!

Key features:
– High quality fabrication (made in Canada) flexible, industrial grade material
– Filtering funnels keep the dirt at the bottom of the bucket and clean water on top
– Flexible locking tabs ensure a perfect fit in 3.5 GAL or 5 GAL buckets
– Flexible finger grip handles for easy installation and removal
– Seal off curtain so no debris can squeeze through the sides
– Available in 4 colors (black, yellow, blue, and red) allowing you to assign colors for different applications
– Easy maintenance: Rinse & re-use
– Chemical & crush resistant
– Come with extra rubber grips for larger sized buckets

Also check out the Detail Guardz car wash inserts, an innovation to help you detail your car easier! When washing our cars or trucks, we’ve all experienced a common problem: the hose gets stuck under a tire while going around the vehicle. The Detail Guardz solve this problem thanks to an innovative design consisting of a roller system that eliminates any friction, giving you effortless movements around the vehicle. No more stuck hoses! Detail Guardz car wash inserts prevent hors & cord jams while you work.

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►Full disclosure: This is a sponsored video. However, I made sure that the opinions expressed in my video are my own and the company had no influence on my content.

►For more info, visit the official Detail Guardz website:

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