FIREBALL Car Detailing Products: Brand Review !!! (ft. Fusion Wax, Snow Foam, Iron Burn & Coatings)

Fireball car detailing products brand review! In this video, I do a brand review and present different car detailing products from a company called Fireball. Fireball is based in South Korea and are well known for their hydrophobic and silicon dioxide (SiO2) solutions, besides their usual range of high quality shampoos and premium waxes to suit your car’s interior and exterior needs.

I have been detailing cars for over 20 years and through the years, I get to test and review many car detailing products and I present the best ones to my audience, explain where and how they’re made and how to use them.

►►Here are the links to the products talked about in this video:

Fireball collection:

Fireball Snow Foam:

Fireball Iron Burn (Extra):

Fireball Tire Coating Wax (Satin Finish):

Fireball Tire Coating Wax (High Gloss):

Fireball Car Shampoo:

Fireball Hydrophobic Foam Shampoo:

Fireball Fusion Wax:

Fireball Ultimate Carnauba Wax:

Fireball Ultimate Coating Wax:

Fireball Premium Glass Cleaner:

Active Snow foam: Non-contact, pre-wash cleaner applied through a foam cannon. It’s pH neutral and will not strip waxes or sealants. The thick foam lifts dirt particles away from the surface. Dilute 1:12 for snow foam cannons and 1:600 for use as a regular shampoo (for the 1L bottles).

Hydrophobic Active Snow foam: It has fantastic hydrophobic qualities built in to give you an amazing finish and beading effect. It is used as a “last touch item”. Once the car is fully washed, you spray on the car with a foam cannon and you rinse. Dilution of 1:15 with water.

Iron Burn & Iron Burn Extra: available in two strengths: mild (Standard) and enhanced (Extra) Regular users would find (standard) sufficient in strength with (Extra) aimed at less frequent users.

Ultimate tire coating wax (Blue & Red): Ultimate Tire Coating Wax is available in either red (satin, natural finish) or blue (glossy finish). Both are supplied with a foam applicator pad. Hydrophobic properties to repel water.

Ultimate Car Shampoo: Fireball’s Ultimate Car Shampoo is a super mild, creates lots of suds which provide good cleaning power and, being pH neutral, is also safe to use on any existing coatings or sealants with no adverse effect. Dilution 1:800.

Premium Car Shampoo: Dilution 1:400.

Ultimate Coating Wax: Use in the final stage of any detailing process. It can be used as a stand-alone product or to give existing sealant layers more gloss and a hydrophobic boost after each wash. This is basically a spray sealant for ceramic coatings and nano sealants. It has good hydrophobic properties and will last up to 2 months.

Fusion Wax (100ml)
This is a show wax with super hydrophobic water behaviour and paint surface protection. It’s made with Brazil T1 Carnauba and SiO2.
Ceramic infused SiO2 (silicon dioxyde)
Buff off and let cure overnight
Highly hydrophobic and produces great gloss
Avoid contact with water during the curing time of 24 hours
Don’t expose the car to the sun during the curing time of 24 hours
Apply thin coats and wipe off after 10-15 minutes
Lasts up to 3 months

Ultimate Carnauba Wax: This is a spray-on wax coating. It contains carnauba wax and provides a protective high gloss finish and that wet-look shine. It repels water but isn’t as hydrophobic as Ultimate Coating Wax or Ultimate Nano Coat. Easy to apply: just spray onto surface, spread with an applicator, let it dry for a minute and buff away the residue and you’re done!

Premium window Cleaner: safe for tinted windows and leaves a streak-free finish.

For more information on Fireball products, click the links below:

►Official Fireball distributor:

►Official Fireball website:

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