Learn how to make your own DIY cleaners! 5 SUPER homemade cleaning products that are quick & easy to make using natural products that you probably already have at home. This will save you a ton of money and be safe for you and your family. No harsh chemicals here!

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You’ll be amazed just how simple these homemade cleaning products (also called DIY cleaners in some countries) are to make and how AMAZING they work! You’ll thank me later… 😉

Here are the five homemade cleaners you’ll be creating:

1) All purpose cleaner
2) Disinfectant/stainless steel cleaner/electronics cleaner
3) Natural stone cleaner
4) Glass cleaner
5) Soap scum remover & degreaser

Simple ingredients are needed to create all these products: distilled water, vinegar, dishwashing liquid, corn starch, rubbing alcohol, essential oils.

Make sure you use these DIY cleaners in combination with microfiber towels and spray away!

Here are links to some high quality microfiber cloths for your cleaning tasks:


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Enjoy the video!

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