How to do HVAC System Maintenance and SAVE MONEY !! In this video, you will learn tips and tricks on what you can do at home to perform basic HVAC system maintenance and you will also find out what professional HVAC technicians do when they perform yearly maintenance duties on your system.

HVAC is short for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. It’s the technology of indoor environmental comfort. It ensures heating and cooling and exchanges or replaces the air in any space to provide high indoor air quality. Ventilation also removes unpleasant smells and excessive moisture, introduces outside air, keeps interior building air circulating, and prevents stagnation of the interior air.

It’s a good idea to hire an HVAC technician to inspect and do maintenance on your system every fall and spring. They’ll do things like inspect and clean the wiring and mechanisms of the unit, which is a bit more challenging for the average homeowner.

But, YOU can prolong the life and increase the efficiency of your HVAC system if you follow the simples steps in this video:
– Replace your air filter every 90 days.
– In the summer, turn off water to the furnace humidifier.
– In the fall, replace the humidifier filter and turn on water.
– Clear AC condensate drain with white vinegar/water mixture (or bleach/water).
– Keep AC & heat units free of leaves, pollen & grass.
– Check for leaks in the ductwork.
– Listen for abnormal noises when your system starts.
– Inspect the base pan for blocked drain openings.
– Inspect the coil and cabinet for any holes and leaks.

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